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About Dreambox Rexburg

What is a Selfie Museum?

Selfie Museums, also known as "Selfie Studios" are interactive spaces where visitors can take photos of themselves in front of various backdrops and installations.


These rooms are designed to transport visitors to different worlds or themes, such as a 1950's kitchen, an upside-down bedroom from the Disney movie "Up", or an illusion room that makes you question reality.


Beyond the photo-taking enjoyment, DreamBox also offers interactive elements that allow you to showcase your personality and uniqueness. These interactive elements bring the rooms to life and allow you to actively participate in the experience, making it more memorable. 

How Do Selfie Museums Work? 

At DreamBox, you have control of your photos— which means you have control of your fun! 

The selfie-taking experience works like this: 

  1. Place your phone on a ring light stand that is positioned in front of each room or backdrop. These stands are equipped with LED lights that provide a bright and even light source for taking photos.

  2. Connect the included Bluetooth clicker to your phone. This clicker will allow you to take photos remotely, without having to press the on-screen button or use the volume button. You will be given this clicker at the beginning of your visit.

  3. Adjust the settings on your phone to your desired settings, such as ISO, shutter speed, and flash. Or just start taking pictures right away.

This setup allows you to take your own photos, without the need for a professional photographer. This means that you're the one that calls the shots. You can take as many photos as you want— whether you're doing a solo photoshoot or with your friends and family. When you come to Dreambox, you have more control over the final outcome of your photos.

Why come to DreamBox? 

DreamBox is a place to take jaw-dropping photos and spend time with friends or family. It's a unique thing to do while you're in Rexburg and a fun way to capture memories that you don't want to forget. DreamBox does all of that, but that's not why you should come and visit.


Visit DreamBox because it's a place where you're free to be yourself and to showcase who you are in creative ways. It's a place where you can create content that will blow up your social media feed or take photos just for your personal gallery. It's a place to connect with local artists and dreamers. DreamBox creates fun, memorable experiences that you won't want to forget.

DreamBox isn't your average Selfie Studio. It's not just a place to take photos. It's Rexburg's very own Interactive Selfie Museum where you can finally start thinking outside the box. Schedule your visit today!


See the new rooms and backdrops coming to DreamBox by following us on Instagram! If you want to follow our small business adventure, join us on LinkedIn! Let's create something fun together!


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