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Discover Rexburg’s Hidden Gems: The Top 5 Unique Photo Spots!

There are always people wanting to take pictures in Rexburg, and since you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them! Maybe you’re looking for a place to take family photos, a location for a roommate photoshoot, or maybe some spots to take photos for your dating app profile, engagement photos, or bridal photo shoot. Because there’s such a high demand for photo shoots in Rexburg, it’s hard to find locations that don’t feel overdone. We get it, so here’s a list of the top five unique photo spots in Rexburg, because your photos should be as unique as you are! So, grab your camera, put on your favorite playlist, and check out the best niche photo spots in Rexburg, Idaho!

1. DreamBox

This article wouldn’t be right unless Rexburg’s very own selfie museum was number one! DreamBox is Rexburg’s newest Instagrammable location. With over 30+ backdrops, ring lights, and professional-grade lighting, you can take amazing photos right on your smartphone. The best part about DreamBox is the variety of sets and locations that they have. They have illusion sets (like their upside-down rooms), novelty sets (like the ball pit pool), vintage-themed sets (a fifties kitchen), and modern backdrops if you’re looking for something with a trendier vibe. DreamBox also has a room you can change in, so you can fit a lot of photoshoots in one! You can probably expect to spend an hour, but most people spend two hours making sure that they catch the perfect shots! Because DreamBox is new and constantly switching up its sets, you’ll leave DreamBox with once-in-a-lifetime photos that are unique to you! No photo shoot is the same- no matter how many times you go back!

A girl standing in front of the CD wall at Dreambox, Rexburg.

If that’s not enough to convince you, DreamBox is also an ideal location for photos in Rexburg because it’s indoors! As beautiful as Rexburg is, it’s also famous for its unpredictable winds and freezing winters. At DreamBox, you don’t need to worry about the weather. You can wear summer clothes in the winter, or sweaters in the summer. All you need to worry about is having fun and capturing the memories you’re making.

2. Cress Creek

Cress Creek is a beautiful hike on the south fork of the Snake River- just past Archer. Even though it’s a bit of a drive, it deserves number two on this list because it features beautiful views, an accessible trail, and lush plants and natural elements to take pictures in front of. There are waterfalls, sagebrush, verdant greenery, and a beautiful view of the valley on this easy hike. The first mile of the hike is wheelchair accessible, which is ideal if you’re trying to include someone who uses a wheelchair in an outdoor photoshoot. Of course, the further you go, the more difficult and less traveled the path is. But if you wear your hiking boots and you’re willing to walk for that perfect shot- this is the picture-perfect place for you! If you go at the golden hour, you might be able to catch a beautiful sunset picture reflecting off the Snake River! Cress Creek is a location that’s perfect for (almost) any season. Just be aware that this isn’t a great picture spot if you’re planning on taking pictures in the winter- the paths won’t be shoveled!

The view overlooking on the Cress Creek hike in Rexburg.

The other reason that Cress Creek is an ideal spot for any photographer is that it is (mostly) unknown to the local college students. Yes, this means that Cress Creek is usually not very busy! You won’t have to rush to snap the perfect picture and can instead take pictures at your own pace without worrying about crowds. Because it’s a largely unknown photo spot, that also means you can snap gorgeous photos that don’t look like anyone else’s!

3. The BYU-Idaho Gardens

An image of trees under an arch at the BYU-Idaho gardens in Rexburg.

Brigham Young University-Idaho is the main focal point of Rexburg, and it knows it. Sitting at the top of the hill, BYU-I is home to some extremely beautiful and well-maintained gardens. These gardens include healthy and colorful flowers, large trees, waterfalls, and beautiful landscaping. There are also several areas in the gardens that are “themed” for unique photoshoots that feature architecture from around the world. Parts of the garden take inspiration from Greece, Japan, and America’s Old West era. If you go to the gardens, you’ll be sure to take fantastic photos. (And yes, the gardens are free to access.)

BYU-I’s gardens also happen to be downhill from the campus’s apple orchard. This orchard has rows and rows of trees and can also be a great photoshoot location! Because the orchard sits high on the hill, you’ll also be in an ideal spot to catch the perfect golden hour. While you’re snapping some pictures, feel free to grab an apple too!

The gardens at BYU-Idaho are common knowledge to the students and the locals, but that doesn’t make it a bad photo spot. Different seasons will make the gardens look completely different, and it’s incredible what lighting can do. You can certainly take unique photos in BYU-Idaho’s gardens and have fun doing it!

4. The Nature Park

The Nature Park sits just a few blocks from BYU-Idaho and is a fun location nestled away from the heart of the city. It features rivers, streams, trees, and a paved walking path. Rexburg’s Nature Park is a great way to get forested-looking pictures without having to take a long drive or a grueling hike.

A photo of trees reflecting in the water at the Nature Park in Rexburg.

The Nature Park is also home to geese, ducks, and the occasional dog walker. Rexburg’s Nature Park can get fairly busy during the warmer months, so you’ll want to make sure to time your visit to avoid the busier times of the day. The busiest time of day is usually early evening when all the college students are out of class and are dying to spend some time outside. If you want to have more privacy for your photo shoot, you might want to consider an early morning or late night photo shoot. This can actually be a great time to capture the beautiful natural lighting or a fun way for you to bring your own lights!

Is the Nature Park really a unique place for photos? Even though the Nature Park is surrounded by paved paths, there are also a few beaten paths that can take you closer to the water and to shots with unique angles. With a little creativity, and if you’re willing to get your feet wet, I’ll personally guarantee unique photos!

5. Historic Downtown

A gold artistic door in the downtown area of Rexburg.

Rexburg is an old city, and if you explore its downtown area, you can find all sorts of cool architecture that makes a perfect backdrop for your latest photoshoot. The downtown area is a great place to go if you want to take photos outdoors that don’t feel too nature-y.

If you walk around downtown Rexburg for long enough, you'll find plenty of buildings that are fantastic examples of classy, old-fashioned charm to them. There is picture-perfect potential in downtown Rexburg!

Downtown is also home to a lot of murals which can be fun to pose in front of! Take your photo shoot on an adventure and see how many murals you can take a picture with.

Most people in Rexburg travel outside of the city to take pictures, which means that the downtown area is full of untapped photography potential! Your photos will be local, unique, and full of that small-town charm.


Rexburg has a lot of hidden gems waiting to be photographed! Now that you know the good spots, with a little creativity, you’re sure to come to Rexburg and leave with memories and a full camera memory card.

If you want an outdoor photo shoot, the Nature Park, BYU-Idaho Gardens, and Cress Creek are all unique places to take pictures surrounded by natural Idaho beauty! These can be fantastic places to take pictures that have an organic feel without having to travel too far out of town.

Downtown Rexburg has a lot of cool buildings, murals, and side alleys that are perfect locations just waiting to be discovered. Taking an urban-feeling photoshoot can be a great spot for senior portraits, engagement photos, or photos just for fun!

And, of course, DreamBox covers everything and anything. The sets at DreamBox will push your imagination and your phone storage to its limits. There’s no stopping what kind of pictures you’ll take there!

If you’re looking for a place to take family photos, roommate photoshoots, or photos for your dating app profile, come to Rexburg. If you want pictures, Rexburg has a location for you!

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