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5 Ideas for a Perfect Selfie Museum Date:

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Rexburg is full of fun activities and places you can go for fun and cheap dates, but there’s only one place you can do that captures memories while you’re at it. Yes, I’m talking about DreamBox.

It’s not up for debate that DreamBox is the perfect answer for fun date ideas in Rexburg. Whether it’s a first date or just a for-fun date, DreamBox offers at least 30+ opportunities to create memories for that picture-perfect date in Rexburg.

The perfect date isn’t hard to create. In fact, at DreamBox, you can just come and start snapping pictures. It’s fun, cheap, and memorable. Still, if you want to spice it up and have more of a challenge-filled date at Rexburg’s selfie museum, here are five selfie museum date ideas!

#1 Blindfolded Poses

Blindfolds are a fun idea if you want to have silly photos and laugh about them for hours afterward. They're an easy way to have a lot of spontaneous fun, so here are a few ideas to implement blindfolds at DreamBox!

The Random Pose:

Help your date put a blindfold on and guide them to a backdrop or set without telling them what it is. Have them strike a pose without knowing what the set is. Then, without changing their pose, have them take off their blindfold and snap that picture. These out-of-context poses with random backgrounds are a quick way to take hilarious photos. Then, switch places and strike your own random pose!

Out-of-Sync Photos:

Find a set or backdrop with your date that you both want to be photographed in. Then put on your blindfolds and pose together. You won’t know what pose your date is doing, and they don’t know what you’re doing either. Then, either take the blindfolds off or leave them on and take the picture for an extra surprise. This is a fun way to capture these picture-perfect memories together and keep the conversation going.

(I took this picture with my date, we removed the blindfolds before we snapped the picture. We had no idea how the other person was going to pose!)

A girl and a guy in the ball-pit pool at DreamBox!

#2: Thrift Pics

Thrifting is getting to be a more and more popular activity. Not only is it cheap, but it’s fun! You never know what kind of cool novelty clothes you’re going to find. If you want a two-part date that doesn’t empty your wallet, this idea is for you!

First, stop by a thrift store. Have your date pick out something for you, while you pick out something for them. The outfit can be as crazy or stylish as you decide. Make sure to decide with your date if you're going to pick out one thing or a whole ensemble: a shirt, jacket, pants, shoes, and accessories! Once you have your thrifted finds ready, buy your treasures and get changed into your new outfit.

Then head over to a selfie museum to capture these outfits in style. Snap a photo in favorite backdrops or sets to make sure you never forget these finds. If you still have some money left in your date budget, you can even run over to a photo printing place to get physical copies together. This is a fantastic date idea and can lead to a lot of fun pictures with a crazy story behind them.

#3 Pose Tag

If you’ve ever played HORSE- yes, the basketball game, this will sound familiar. In HORSE you and the person you’re playing against take turns trying to shoot the basketball through the hoop in one try. If you make the shot, your competitor will have to duplicate your shot on their next turn.

This activity is really similar to Horse. It starts with you or your date picking a pose for the set or backdrop. Snap the cute picture and then have your date give it a shot. Your date will need to try and replicate your pose as closely as they can! These poses can be as serious or silly as you want them to be, just make sure to have fun with them.

Just like HORSE, the first person to bail out or not copy the pose loses the date, and dare I say, buys dessert after?

Two photos of people with similar poses in an illusion set.
New album covers just dropped.

#4: Recreate Covers

If you or your date are book or movie lovers, this idea is for you! This date idea will take about approximately two minutes of preparation, but it’s worth it! First, work with your date to figure out your favorite movies or books. Then try and recreate those movie posters or book covers at a selfie museum! There’s no limit to this challenge except your imagination.

This idea will work best as a date if you try and recreate romance or rom-com movie covers. These types of movie posters usually feature two people, so they’re the easiest to replicate on a date.

After the pictures are snapped, with some quick editing, add some text to your selfie to really polish the final product!

If you’re having a lot of fun with your date, this is a great opportunity to suggest watching the movie too!

A recreation of the "10 Things I Hate About You" movie poster taken at DreamBox.

I think we nailed it, don't you?

#5 Photo Scavenger Hunt:

This idea is probably the best one if you don’t have a lot of time before the date to work on planning. It can also be a great idea for good-looking pictures that you’ll want to post on social media.

First, pull up Instagram and look up the selfie studio's account. You can also look at posts that tag DreamBox, even if they haven’t been reposted to the main account. Then find a few selfies that you like and try to figure out where this person took the picture and how they posed. Try and recreate these Instagram posts!

This idea can be a lot of fun because these pictures are already good and can give you good ideas for fun poses or camera settings that you might want to use.

Roulette Style:

If this idea sounds fun, but you’re still looking for a little extra spontaneity for your date, do it roulette style! Instead of handpicking an image to copy, try and pick it randomly. Scroll around on your phone with your eyes closed. Have your date tell you when to stop, and then click on the image under your finger! This can be a fun way to randomize your date and keep it interesting every time.

If you’re looking for fun and cheap dates in Rexburg, DreamBox is the place to go! There are a million different ways to have a fun date at a selfie museum, and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time when you try out these five date ideas! If you had a great time on your date, make sure to post your creations on Instagram and tag us. We’ll love to see what kind of photos you come up with!

If you’re ready to schedule that cheap and fun date, you’re on the right website! Just head over to the Activities tab to book your photoshoot now!

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1 Comment

Kameron York
Kameron York
Feb 23, 2023

WOW! Recreating movie posters is so cool. I'll make sure to thrift some unique clothes before my next visit to dreambox. 😊

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