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7 Selfie Museum Photo Tips to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Selfie museums give you eye-catching photos every time your camera flashes. With stunning backdrops, fun lighting, and unique props, you’re sure to leave with amazing pictures.

Still, how do you take photos at a selfie museum that stands out? How can you take your photos from eye-catching to jaw-dropping? We’ve compiled a list of how to make the most of any photo studio with these few simple tips.

1. Experiment with Angles

Angles are a photographer's best friend. The same pose from two different angles can make your photos look completely different. When you take a picture from high up, you’ll make yourself look smaller or more vulnerable. This can be a fun dynamic to play with, especially if you’re in one of our illusion rooms that already make you look smaller. Taking a photo from a higher angle can increase the effect and make the illusion even more intense.

If you’re taking a photo from a lower angle, it can make you look larger and more powerful. If you’re wanting to experiment with this angle, make sure to have a confident, strong posture. It’s hard to look large and powerful with small body language, so

make sure to embody the power that you’re trying to portray.

A photo taken a low angle, with a woman posed powerfully.

When you’re experimenting with angles, it’s likely that you’re going to take some pictures that aren’t quite what you’re looking for. Experimenting with different angles is going to take some time to figure out exactly what you like. Check after a series of shots to see what you like and what needs to be adjusted and then take more. You want to leave a photo studio with pictures that you like, so make sure to take your time and have fun doing it.

2. Use Props or Costumes

If you want to look like you belong in the exhibit or studio, a costume or a prop can do just that. A good prop can help you from looking like you just walked into a set, and instead help you look like you belong there. A prop can add another element to your photos to make them look more unique or fun.

If you really want your pictures to stand out, experiment with how you can use or hold your props in a creative way. You don’t just have to stand there and hold it, have fun with it!

Just like props, costumes can help add a brand-new dynamic to a set or a background. Our exhibits at DreamBox will look great with any outfit, but wearing outfits for specific sets can help you and your photos stand out. We have a private room you can change into so that you’re not stuck with one outfit for your whole photoshoot.

Moody girl in a vintage dress decorating a cake at a selfie museum

If you’re not sure what outfits to bring, don’t worry. Come get a tour of DreamBox and check out all our amazing sets at no cost to you. Once you’ve toured our sets and backdrops, go back home, and dig through your closet or go on a shopping spree. Then, when you’ve got the clothes you want, bring those few extra outfits to add an extra flair to your photos.

3. Get into Character

Part of the fun of DreamBox is pretending to be in places that don’t exist or that you can’t visit. Make sure to have fun in our studio by getting into character in the different sets. If you’re in the vintage kitchen display, let’s see those retro vibes. Or if you’re taking a photo in front of our CD wall, let’s see the early 2005 energy. Make a splash in the ball pit pool!

Or if you want to stand out more, switch it up. Dress futuristically in the vintage kitchen or be pouty in the ball-pit pool. There are so many options for bringing completely different vibes to each set or background.

Play around with all the different characters you can be and have fun doing it!

4. Show off your personality

A smiling girl in front of the CD wall at DreamBox

DreamBox is a place where you can be yourself, so don’t forget to let your personality show off in your photos. Capturing selfies that you love is more important than any of these tips, so make sure to show off your personality in all your photos.

An easy way to be you in your photos is to wear outfits that showcase your style. When you’re at a selfie studio, you’re allowed to dress as boldly as you want! Wear those checkered pants, the neon jacket, or that prom dress. Wear something that you love and that feels like you. When you capture your personality in your photos, they’ll always look good.

If you’re not sure what kind of smile to do, a genuine smile will always look great so make sure to show off your pearly whites in your selfies! A genuine smile will help make any picture look more like you.

5. Experiment with Lighting

It doesn’t matter how amazing you dress or how cool the background is if nobody can see it. Make sure to pay attention to the lighting in your photos. Not only is lighting important to make sure that you can see the moment you’re capturing, but different lighting can add completely different vibes to your photos.

When you come and have your photos taken at DreamBox, each studio section is already provided with a ring light. Make sure to use the ring light or stand in well-lighted places in the sets to make sure that everyone can see your face in your pictures.

If you want a dramatic effect in your photos, try to use harsh lighting to create those long, dramatic shadows. Or if you want to portray a gentle feeling, use soft lighting to help those shadows disappear. Don’t forget your camera has a flash on it, which can help give your photos a candid retro feeling. Using any combination of harsh and soft light will give your selfies different moods or emotions, so play around with it!

A girl standing in front of a lit-up wall at a photo studio.

6. Use editing tools

Even the best photographers in the world edit their images, and you can do it too! Sometimes photos pop the most after a little bit of editing.

Don’t be afraid to add filters to your photos-- whether you decide to make them black and white or bold and bright. Or simply adjust little things like contrast or saturation on your photos to help make everything pop.

You can also try to use an editing tool to blend multiple photos together to create a collage or the ultimate jaw-dropping selfie.

7. Get Creative

At the end of the day, DreamBox is here for you. If you have a cool tip or trick that isn’t shared in this article, that’s great! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses, outfits, or lighting. Try new things and see what turns out! If the photos turn out bad, you can always take another one. And another one.

At DreamBox, you capture memories, so make sure to have fun and capture that memorable moment. If you find a cool trick or pose, make sure to post it and tag us on Instagram! We’d love to see what you’re creating.

If you’ve read this whole article and still haven’t scheduled a date with DreamBox, what are you waiting for? There is a gallery full of fun that’s just waiting to happen.

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Kameron York
Kameron York
Feb 23, 2023

I absolutely LOVE these sets! So creative!

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