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Welcome to DreamBox!

Rexburg’s Interactive Photo Studio

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, and you see someone posed in front of an eye-catching, fun location. Maybe it’s a solo selfie, or maybe it’s one of those cute posts with their girlfriend or boyfriend. You like their post and scroll on. You’re in Rexburg; where are you going to find something like that? Even if you found a cute background to stand in front of, it’s way too cold, or the lighting is wrong, or you don’t have anyone to take the picture for you.

We get you. Everyone deserves to have cute pictures in front of eye-catching backgrounds. And you deserve to have fun while doing it. If you’re looking for a social media spot or even a fun weekend activity in Rexburg, you need to go to DreamBox, Rexburg’s selfie museum!

A man posed in front of the CD wall at DreamBox.

Maybe you’ve heard of a selfie museum, or you’ve seen amazing Instagram posts tag selfie museums in their photos. But what is a selfie museum?

A selfie museum is exactly what it sounds like. I’m sure that you’ve been to a museum where you can wander around for an hour or more looking at all the displays. They’re usually quiet with signs all over that say things like “no flash photography’ or “photos prohibited”. In some ways, a selfie museum is like a regular museum. Like a museum, you can go by yourself or with a big group of friends. Like a museum, it can be something fun to do for a couple of hours. Unlike your regular museum, pictures aren’t prohibited, they’re encouraged! In fact, everything in DreamBox is there for you to take pictures of. The purpose of a selfie museum is to take pictures and capture memories with your friends or family. Selfie museums are to capture your own fun posts that always seem to get likes. Rexburg’s selfie museum is to make and capture memories for you.

  • Do you want a selfie where you look like you’re hanging upside-down? We got it.

  • Do you just want a cute and subtle background for a laid-back post? We have that too.

  • What about a fun selfie where you can easily show off that fun vintage outfit? Say no more.

A couple in costumes standing in front of an interactive display.

DreamBox is where you go to capture jaw-dropping photos without worrying about the weather, lighting, or having someone take a photo for you. DreamBox is Rexburg’s first and only selfie museum and it does not disappoint. Just like the name implies, at DreamBox, you can dream outside of the box.

As soon as you walk into DreamBox, you’ll get checked in and then begin your photography adventure. There are no rules for what kind of adventure you’re allowed to have. Pose however you want, bring multiple outfits, and bring all of your friends. Or just bring yourself and your favorite outfit. Spend all your time in a few different sets or take pictures everywhere. DreamBox is about your dreams, so make them happen however they look.


If you’re not already booking your tickets, that’s okay. You want to know what you’re getting into, and we respect that. You know what DreamBox is, but why would you go?

DreamBox happens to be the perfect spot for any activity: family home evening, double dates, single dates, breakup parties, family pictures, high school dance pictures, and more. There’s even a spacious spot at the front of DreamBox that you can rent out for events! If you have an event to host, or are trying to get out of your apartment, DreamBox is the place to do it.

What about other photography studios that you’ve been to? You know, the ones with a complicated appointment process, or with strict rules about how long you can be there or what you can wear? Don’t worry, DreamBox is meant to be fun, not complicated. To get involved in all this fun, all you have to do is book your tickets and come with all the outfits that you want to be photographed. After that, find your favorite one or two, or twenty backdrops to be photographed with. Trust us, there is something for everyone. If you prefer flying solo, or you want everyone in your pictures, don’t sweat it. We’ll provide you with a Bluetooth remote to take pictures with. No cameraman required.

What kind of sets does DreamBox have? We’re glad you asked. DreamBox features rotating seasonal backdrops, illusion sets, novelty displays, and art by local Rexburg artists. Keep reading to find out more about each of these types:

A woman posed in front of snowy trees in Rexburg's photo studio

SEASONAL BACKDROPS: If you stop by around Christmas, be prepared to be surrounded by gift wrap. If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day date, there’s a kissing booth with your name on it. Come back all year round for themed backdrops. These sets are perfect for Christmas cards or cute posts for the holidays.

A man posed in an upside-down illusion set at Dreambox.

ILLUSION SETS: If you’re wanting something scroll-stopping, consider one of our illusion sets. These sets can make you look 10 feet tall, hanging upside-down, or like you can do jaw-dropping yoga poses. Confuse your friends and your followers with one of these!

A woman posed in the ball-pit pool in Rexburg's photo studio.

NOVELTY DISPLAYS: These displays are DreamBox classics. You can’t get photos like them anywhere else. The ball-pit pool, vintage kitchen, colorful shadows, and pink picture frames are some of our fan favorites.

An artistic background painted by a local artist at Dreambox.

LOCAL ARTWORK: Rep your Rexburg pride by taking pictures with amazing artwork created by the talented people in Rexburg. Or, if you’re an artist yourself, get in touch with the DreamBox owners and have your artwork appreciated by all our visitors!

(artwork by Danny Sommers)

And that’s DreamBox! We’re so excited to have you visit us. If you’re looking for selfie opportunities in Rexburg, look no further.


Once you’ve visited DreamBox, does that mean that you can cross it off your bucket list? Not quite! If you’re one of the lucky people that have already visited DreamBox, you’re not finished with us yet. We’re constantly adding and changing out picture-taking opportunities. From your first visit to your next, there will be something new to experience. New sets and backdrops are waiting for you.

So, essentially, Rexburg’s selfie museum has everything. It’s a place for all social-media enthusiasts, photography gurus, or even just anyone with a phone to come and take pictures and videos. What can you use all these cool photos for? Everything. Post them to Instagram or upload them to TikTok or YouTube shorts. Take some selfies for your dating app profile or come as a fun activity once you score that first date. Bring your friends, family home evening groups, or complete strangers. Come for high school dances, eccentric engagement pictures, family photos, and all the memories in between.

No more skipping out on amazing photo opportunities in Rexburg. There’s no such thing as bad lighting, lame backgrounds, or having nobody to take your picture. When you leave DreamBox, you’ll leave with a gallery full of fabulous photos that you can’t wait to post.

Come to DreamBox- Rexburg’s Selfie Museum and experience the most interactive exhibits in Rexburg. We have something for everyone with seasonal backdrops, illusion sets, novelty displays, and murals by local artists. We’re here for every event you can imagine, and we’re here for those days when you just want to have fun.

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